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Rachel Unkefer <rachelunkefer@...>

My husband is descended >from the BACHARCH family of Fellheim/Osterberg
in Bavaria. They were in that area at least as far back as the 1600s,
with the surname, which was unusual in that time. I know of several
large BACHARACH (and alternate spellings) families >from other parts of
Germany that do not seem to be related, but, of course we only have
records that go back to the 17th or 18th centuries. I have initiated a
Y-DNA study to determine which, if any of these families, are
connected to each other, sharing a common male ancestor sometime
before the genealogical records begin.

Since my husband's BACHARACH connection is not straight through the
male line, his Y-DNA does not connect with those who carry the
BACHARACH surname. It would be a great help if other genealogists with
connections to any BACHARACH families, especially ones for which there
is documentation, could help recruit participants. There is no blood
involved, just a simple cheek swab. Thanks for your help.

You can see more information on my web page:

Rachel Unkefer Virginia, USA rachelunkefer@...

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