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I jumped the gun on my study of the Swislotcher Brotherhood Association and
found the stubs of the receipts given for the allocation of graves. It began
in the spring of 1919 and I noted the death of many children and young people
for this time way out of the ordinary for the size of the membership. If it
were coincidence, it was a fantastic occurence. It occured to me that this
was the period of the world-wide flu epidemic.

My psyche has learned to deal with pogroms and the SS death squads following
the German army into Belarus and slaughtering the Jewish population prior to
the systematic holocaust procedures which have been so well documented. Right
now I have to deal with a worldwide epidemic and how the New York
Swislotchers must have dealt with it. I trust that my psyche will make the
necessary adjustments.

Jerry Seligsohn
SELIGSOHN and ELKIN of Mogilev/Dnepr

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