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[David and Bonnie Altman] Neither weddings or Britot would be cancelled.
Both are mitzvoth d'oreita (commandments proscribed by the Torah). A Brit
is only postponed if the baby boy himself is ill. If, however, the baby
had been ill and had not had his Brit on the eighth day, then the Brit
would probably be postponed until after Shivah, or the Brit would be held
and the mourner/s would have to eat the Brit meal at home.

A friend of mine buried her father on Purim, so there was no eulogy. The
Purim meal was set up in her home, and she was still required to send out
mishloach manot and charity money, she just wasn't allowed to leave the
home after the meal. The rabbis instructed her to eat the Purim meal as
close to sunset as possible. She said it was one of the strangest
experiences she ever had, but her father had loved Purim, so it somehow
seemed suitable that he should die then. He was modest and did not want
to be eulogized in any case.


Further posts on this subject should be focused on Jewish genealogy.
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