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Willie Glaser

My family was deported in March 1942 >from Fuerth to the transit camp Izbica
Poland. They perished April/May 1942 in the extermination camp Belzec.

I have just completed an in depth research about this transport. A noted
Polish Holocaust historian gave me a document with a list of forty names of
men and women who worked >from May 1942 to September/ October 1942 as
agricultural workers on a manor house estate near Izbica. This estate
produced agricultural products for the German authorities. All the workers
listed below perished September/October in Belzec or Sobibor.

I am well aware that mostly whole families died in Belzec or Sobibor and
only distant family members are still around who are interested in this list.
Nearly all names are listed as >from Bavaria. I have identified four names
from Nuernberg and one name >from Fuerth.
Im Garten sind beschaeftigt: (working in the garden)

1) Gustav Gerst 2) Justin Gerst 3) Jonathan Hau(e)mann 4) Henry Loewy (Umlaut)
5) Adolf Horwitz 6) Walter Oettinger 7) Bernhard Baumann 8) Jacob Sondhelm
9) Ludwig Strauss 10) Max Rothschild 11) Jakob Ehrenberg 12) Elisabeth Freund
13) Dorothea Freund 14) Elisabeth Korte 15) Berta von Rueling (Austria?)
16) Margarete Plank-Schreib 17) Julius Muhr, Oskar Taussig, Heinrich Jochberger
20) Josef Eltzbacher

Wiesenkolonne (in the field):

1) Siegmund Schlossberger, Fritz Steinhart, Siegfried Loewi (Umlaut) Alfred Loewi
5) Alfred Epstein 6) Herbert Rindsberg 7) Schi Schoenfeld (uml) 8) Arnold Ferber
9) Moritz Schmitt 10) Sally Lindt 11) Philipp Heuman 12) Herbert Sohn (Berlin)

Traktorfuehrer (tractor driver)
1) Leo Weis 2) Max Fleischmann 3)Leopold Haller

Pferdestall (Horse stable) - 1) Rudolf Schmitt

Muehle (mill) 1) Siegfried Platt 2) Nathan David

Kueche (kitchen) - 1) Bianca Neumann 2) Paula Schmitt 3) Gertrude Treibel

1) Schneider (tailor) Siegmund David

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