Re: Jewish register in East- and middle Germany before war #germany

Roger Lustig

There's a set of those films at Beth Hatefutsoth, too. It's only the
Eastern stuff, i.e., the Breslau Synagogue Archive materials. Films
1184378-1184461. (BH uses the Family History Library film numbers.)

Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ Research co-ordinator, GerSIG

" ....I found this interesting page at the Jewish museum in Frankfurt.
If I understand it right [the museum has] paper(?) copies of Jewish
registers >from East and middle Germany before war."

Ilan Szekely wrote: "The explanation at the given site says these
are FILMS that survived [the originals were lost]. The Museum has
enlarged copies of the data on these films.
**** Now I need a way to get these copies, as I found two locations
relevant to my family.

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