Translation of Matzevot from Schwarza, Thuringen #germany

Sharon Grundfest Broniatowski

Dear all,
I have posted several photos of tombstones (taken by a woman who lives not
far >from there) in the Jewish cemetery in Schwarza, Thuringen, Germany.

Can someone give me translations of the Hebrew? I believe that my ancestors
include Rabbi Moses Michael EPSTEIN, his son Lippman EPSTEIN who died in
Schwarza in 1899, and Lippman's wife (Karoline?). The links are VIEWMATE
VM13682, VM13683, VM13684, VM 13685, and VM 13686

Thanks to all for your replies ** off list **.

Sharon Grundfest Broniatowski, Cleveland, Ohio

Also searching HARTMAN(N) and HOFFMAN >from Barchfeld a/d Werra
SKOTZKI /SCKOCKI >from Gnesen, LEWY >from Bombst

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