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Helen Gottesman

Dear Genners

I am writing on behalf of my friend Alfred Teitelbaum,
who is 88 years old and not used to using the internet.

Al is searching for his father's family. Al's father
Pejsack-Chaim Tajtelbaum was born April 17.1890 in
Janowiec , Gemein de Oblasy, Starostel de Pulawa.
His grandparents were Jankiel-Jcek Tajtelbaum and
Fajge-Ruchel (nee) Mandelbaum.

Al was mistaken for another Teitelbaum on the day he
was drafted October 1, 1941 for another Teitelbaum
with a furniture business in Brooklyn, Does anyone
out there know of this business or this family. Al
was born in Vienna if that helps identify him.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
Helen Gottesman

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