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Working with census images that are not indexed by name or even soundex can
be very time consuming, as any who have tried it will attest.

Would it be nice if someone could build a tool
that did the following?

A hypothetical procedure for find an enumeration district, given an address:

A: I take the address and enter it to get a map, with a star for the
location I'm searching for
(note: this exists today with various mapping web sites)

B: I have a definition for a particular enumeration district for a given
year, for example:
City of Chicago, First Ward; 5th Precinct. Bounded by Madison, Dearborn,
Van Buren, South Clark.

C: I enter the names of the four streets (madison, dearborn, van buren and
south clark) and the
software draws 4 lines corresponding to those streets, the intersection of
which defines the
enumeration district.

D: If the ED encloses the point in part A, I'm done!

Do any of our computer gurus out there think this is feasible?

Even better yet: What if I could click on (or cut/paste) the description
of an enumeration district and
have the ED mapped out?

Any of our computer gurus out there want to comment on feasibility?


Marty Meyers

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