Subject: RE: Ostrowo Records at YIVO #germany

Victoria Barkoff

Geoff Kaiser, who has offered to index some of the Ostrowo records at
YIVO, was advised that they are too delicate to be photocopied. The
alternative suggested to him was to have someone in New York City
(Geoff is in Melbourne, Australia) copy the records "by a careful
hand". Of course, if the YIVO archivist means hand-copying, that would
constitute most of the work that Geoff is so generously offering to
do. Hand-copying the several hundred pages mentioned in the email
would require a major time commitment.

I wonder if it would be possible instead for someone in NYC to get
permission to photograph the pages with a digital camera (no flash
required). Ordinarily, all you are allowed to bring into the YIVO
reading room is a pencil and a laptop, so special permission would be
required for bringing in a camera.

YIVO posts a price for "in-house photography" ($52/hour), but this is
for copying material for publication. Perhaps they would allow us to
photograph delicate material for preservation purposes, especially if
we provide them with copies of the resulting images and index.

Do you want to investigate this alternative, Geoff?

Victoria Barkoff Montreal, Canada

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