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Searching for sisters Anna and Jeanette (my grandmother) SACHS
(or SAKS or SACKS) and their parents and family >from Riga, Latvia. Anna,
according to Ellis Island records, arrived in N.Y. on Aug. 29. 1909 at
age 22, therefore, born in 1887 (manifest says in Russia). Her stated
destination was “uncle at 33 Union, N.Y.” This address is still on
present-day maps, located where W. 16th St. runs into the western edge
of Union Square in Brooklyn). His surname was SMULYAN (not stated in
manifest). This uncle had, at least, one son, relative, or boarder
living with him named Victor (1893-1972). Victor became a movie camera
operator, went to Hollywood, changed his surname to MILNER, and won an
Oscar for his filming of “Cleopatra” in 1934. All of Jeanette’s U.S.
documents state that she was born in 1890 in Poland or Russia. She told
me that, as a young woman, she became a member of a revolutionary group
(probably Zionist or Bundist). When her boyfriend was arrested, she
decided to flee to America to join her sister. She traveled with false
documents that had belonged to a deceased girlfriend with COCKS surname
(and maybe Janet given name). According to my calculations, Jeanette
arrived about 1911-13. I have not found Jeanette in Ellis Island
records using Sachs or Cocks surnames. My father told me that he thought
that she had arrived in either Boston or New Bedford. Jeanette lived in
N.Y. with Anna and Smulyan relatives for a short time. Then, they both
moved to California. Jeanette married John Samuel FABISAK, my
grandfather, in 1914-15. Their son, Edward Walter Fabisak (my father),
was born there in 1915. I have a fairly good paper and oral trail of
Anna and Jeanette’s lives after 1915. I have very little information
about them and their family, however, >from the period before 1915. I
am, therefore, seeking suggestion and information in furthering my research.
Ed Fabisak
Living in Recife, Brazil
Originally >from San Diego, California

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