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Dolph Klein <kledolph@...>

Jerry, Unless there happened to be more than one Ladies Szeniczer S&B,
this society took its name >from the former Hungarian town of Szenicz which
today is known as Senice in western Slovakia. I recognize a few of the
women's names on your list, some related to me and others related to Rabbi
Marmorstein who contributes occasional postings to JewishGen and H-SIG.
The society has a section of gravesites at the Mt. Hebron cemetery in
Flushing, NY as does the men's Szeniczer.

Dolph Klein
Chapel Hill, NC

We have listed the membership of the Szenicer Ladies Sick and
Benevolent Society at
I apologize for my lack of professional detachment but the thought
of placing those hard working, dedicated women on limbo's
backburner cracked my resolve and I come to the membership for
finding a place for these ladies on our site. The problem is where
to put them. Gunnar Berg of YIVO claims to have found a near
sounding Szeniczer sighting east of Bialystok in southwestern
Belarus at lat 53-42 long 24-25. The shtetl finder has approximate
names and I can find nothing on JGFF to link the names with searching
Please look at these name lists and contact me with family and
geographical linkage if you can. I would appreciate e-mail if hits
can be made. I just don't want those good ladies to be homeless on
the internet.
Jerry Seligsohn
SELIGSOHN and ELKIN of Mogilev/Dnepr

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