Lotnicza Street Cemetery in Wroclaw/Breslau #germany


Our members with Wroclaw/Breslau roots may like to know
that there is a group of dedicated young people in Wroclaw
who have made it their task to research, restore and record
the Jewish Cemetery at Lotnicza Street.

A year ago, in October 2008, the group established the
"Foundation for the Wroclaw Jewish Cemetery at Lotnicza Street".
The founder, Malgorzata (Gosia) Frackowiak, has summarized
the aims of the Foundation:

To take care of and to restore those parts of the Lotnicza Street cemetery
that have become neglected over the years, to protect the vegetation
within the area, and to develop an educational program that promotes
Jewish history, culture and religion as well as tolerance. Only after the
site will be thoroughly cleaned, will it be possible to determine which
gravestones may be restored. Full photographic documentation is planned,
with the eventual creation of a Name List.

In fact, this work has already been in progress for several years. The aim
is to bring the project on to a more formal and organized level, hopefully with
the eventual cooperation of the Wroclaw Jewish Community.

I am personally familiar with the stories of several persons who have found
the burial sites of their relatives thanks to Gosia's knowledge and
enthusiasm. The "Verband ehemaliger Breslauer in Israel" (Association
of former citizens of Breslau in Israel), have publicly expressed appreciation
of Gosia's devoted work, in their Bulletin.

For details of the Foundation and their goals, see their web page at:

You may like to inform your friends about this project, and also any
relevant institution.

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