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Rich Lowenthal <richlowenthal@...>

I'm trying to track down the immigration records for my great-grandfather's
family. Prior to entering this country his name was Isaac LEVITAN; he
traveled here with his children Dora, Eva, Jette, and Rebecca. I've finally
managed to find them through the Hamburg database; they traveled on the
Brasilia, leaving Hamburg 30 August 1899. The Brasilia arrived in NY on 13
September 1899; I've found the manifest pages through the Morse website,
but can't find my relatives on the list. There are only three manifest
pages available online for the Brasilia (just over 60 passengers) which
seems unusually short. Is it likely that the microfilm does not include all
the manifest pages? (The index on the microfilm says there are only three
pages, so it doesn't seem to be a matter of missing pages >from the
website.) Is it possible the Hamburg site is wrong, and that they took
another boat? Did they slip overboard and swim ashore? Does anyone have any
suggestion of what to do?

Also, does anyone know whether the LDS microfilm of the Hamburg records is
likely to have any more information than what is available through the
Hamburg website? I was hoping to find the place of birth for them, but that
information is absent >from the abstract.

Thanks for your help.

Rich Lowenthal


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