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A few years ago a jewishgen posting mentioned discovery of the following
Russian language documents in the Odessa archive. I would like to obtain
a copy of each of these documents. I can arrange for translation into
English. Does anyone have copies of these documents or know how I could
obtain same? Thanks.

FUND 1 [probably FOND]

1856--About separate settling of Jews in special blocks
1845--About Jews Kagals [probably kahals] liquidation
1842--About founding commissionson Jews education
1845--About permissions to go away in search of a living, that
were given to Jew-farmers.
1843--About assigning money for food help to Jews and distribution
of foodloan.
1852--About 50 years privilege (liberation of military service)
that was granted to Jew-farmers
1841--About founding a special department at the governor board for
management of Jew colonies.
1869--About means for Jews landing. Taxes.
1857--About Jew election to city and society posts.
1857--About Jews limitation in trade
1850--About a ban that was imposed on Jews concerning wearing their
national dress.
1860--About permission to buy land in Crimea given to Jews.


1909-12--Instructions about a quote of Jews admittance in
secondary schools.
1904--About rules of Jews admittance in secondary schools and
--About rules of Jews admittance in the Novorossia University.


1866--About Jews admittance on university lectors and professors
--About limitation of Jews teachers in field of justice,
history and politics in universities.


1881--Memorandums and correspondence about pogroms in Herson,
Ekaterinoslav and Besarabia provinces
1886--About Jews pogroms participants arrests and convictions
1883--About measures for pogroms prevention
1881-4--About Jews condition in Novorossia, Bessarabia and Cherson
1881-89--About Jews, foreign citizens, in Russia
1885-6--Jews complaints about oppression.
1881--About measures for deportation of Jews >from borderland.

Mel Comisarow

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