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Juergen Stockburger <stockbur@...>

Daniel Kazez wrote:
This dissertation seems to hold promise for information regarding the
Ravensbruck death camp: [...]
This is an unpublished 'diplomarbeit', a rough equivalent of a
Master's thesis. These are often not widely disseminated, typically
only a few copies exist. I thought at first I should be able to find
contact information for the thesis advisor, Kurt Patzold, but it
appears he is an emeritus, with no contact information listed on the
web site of Humboldt-Universitat. In fact, it appears that the
'Sektion Geschichte' was dissolved during a major restructuring of
Berlin's three universities after German reunification. Maybe HU's
public relations office can help you to contact him or the authors:


An alternative avenue may be through Ravensbruck Memorial Museum -
they might provide a xerox copy at cost to an overseas researcher.

Juergen Stockburger <Stockburger@...>
Stuttgart, Germany

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