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Harold Pollins <snillop@...>

Ros Romem wrote:

< I have no information on my *some sort of* relatives BEADLER or BIEDLER
in London, beyond that they were bakers (kosher) in the West End of London
probably in the first half of the 20th century.
West End probably refers to Middlesex Street area.
My greatgrandparents and family attended the Beth Hasefer /Federation
Synagogue at 26A Soho Square W1.

If anyone can make a suggestion to find out more about them I will be most
grateful. Is there somewhere where records of membership at that Shul can
be found? Does the Shul exist today? >

The West End does not mean Middlesex Street which is in the East End.
There was a thriving Jewish community in the Soho area of London, postcode
There is a book about it, by Gerry Black, Living Up West, which may mention
the family.

Ther shul does not appear to exist now.

Harold Pollins

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