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Dear List members,

My TARACHOVSKY, KATSEV (later Kaitiff) & ZILBER (later Silver) families
came to Britain and the USA >from the Ukraine. We know the Zilber family
came >from Odessa, but we now have 4 possible places of origin for the
Tarachovsky family:

"PETCHA GUBERNIA": Family legend says they came >from here, but I've never
been able to find it. Could it be a Yiddish name for one of the main
Ukraine gubernias?

BACHMACH: Name given to us with great confidence by a well-informed family

YEKATERINOSLAV: Every branch of the Tarachovsky family apart >from our own
says, in total confidence, that the family came >from here.

"BORISNA, RUSSIA": Stated on the Ellis Island website on the immigration
records of some of the Tarachovskys in 1910, but the ShtetlSeeker gave
nothing suitable.

My questions to you are as follows:

1. Do the surnames TARACHOVSKY (or similar) or KATSEV come into your
2. Did they come >from any of "Petcha gubernia", Bachmach, Yekaterinoslav
or "Borisna"?
3. Do you know which gubernia was called "Petcha"?
4. Do you know where Borisna was?
5. Does the surname ZILBER, >from Odessa, come into your research? I
believe this was a family which suffered virtually total annihilation in

Any replies will be very much appreciated, either to this list or
privately at saulmarks@... .

Many thanks,

Saul Marks
Northern England

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