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Sasha Vigman <sasha_w@...>

Hello. I am trying to find information on my grandmother Aleksandra
Volovski(Volovskaia)in order to determine whether she was registered
as Jewish. (Volovski, or Bialawski is a very common Jewish name)

All I know about her is that she was a Jewish orphan adopted by a
Christian family, married around 1913 (I know the spouse's name)and
that she was probably born and lived in the vicinity of Kharkov.
(present day Ukraine) She died in soviet times.

Could someone please advise me as to where this information might be
available? I am looking for anything which mentions "nationality,"
documents such as passport, birth certificate, adoption documents,
marriage certificate, death certificate. Basically anything with her
name on it.

Also, does anybody know when's family finder (JGFF) will
be working?

Thank you very much,

The JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF)has been taken down
for maintenance, as is necessary >from time to time.
Please keep trying!

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