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Searching for information concerning the following family members:
Jenny SACHS who passed through Ellis Island on Nov. 29, 1920 >from Riga,
Lettland, Latvia. Her father was Herman SACHS who lived at
Marisstrasse, 36, in Riga. She had traveled to America to visit or live
with her cousin, Julius SACHS, whose residence was at 161 Leonardt St.,
Brooklyn, NY. I am interested in these individuals because they may
have been related to my grandmother, Jeannette SACHS (1890-1973), who
arrived in the U.S. >from Riga in 1912-13 and her sister, Anna SACHS,
whose arrival at Ellis Island was in 1908. Anna and Jeanette lived a
few years with their uncle, a Mr. SMULYAN, who lived at 33 Union across
the street >from Union Square in Manhattan. Do you know of any
individuals who connect with any of the above persons?

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