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In a message dated 8/1/02 1:06:24 PM, Shirley writes:

<< KON Ruchla 1901 Birth Akt # 1032
KON Rywka 1901 Birth Akt # 1033
KON Sura 1901 Birth Akt # 1034
KON Frymet 1901 Birth Akt # 1035

One can assume that all of the above are sisters, born in or before 1901,
and that their births were registered with the civil authorities in 1901.
Mrs. Kon did *not* give birth to quadruplets in 1901. >>

Bob Weiss replies:

< Can one make any assumptions about the order of the registrations? If so,
and using the rule of thumb of 2 years between successive births, the
estimated birth years would be Ruchla 1895, Rywka 1897, Sura 1899 and
Frymet 1901. Do you have any other records to test the hypothesis?
Were males registered too? >

I have had recently the an experience which indicates that almost
nothing can be assumed about orders of registration: The JRI indices for
Konin had shown the dates of birth and akt numbers for 6 sisters as

Estera KRONMAN 1885 59
Rechel ditto 1885 60
Mindla ditto 1891 8
Bajla ditto 1891 9
Cyrla ditto 1893 41
Dwojra ditto 1893 42

A facile interpretation (which I originaly made) would be that their
father, who lived in a town near Konin, registered his daughters every two
years because he didn't have the time to go to Konin. Any combination of
dates of birth might be made for a number of different years for each of
the children. When I received yesterday the translations of the 6 birth
records, it turned out that they for three sets of twins born in 1885,
1891 and 1893; I had to laugh at my own superficial analysis.

I recently also came across a set of four Kronman female siblings in the
JRI index for Lowicz where the year of births were the same and there were
consecutive akt numbers. The records are located in the Lodz archives and
one might invoke the same argument that the father registered all of his
children at the same time when he was able to travel the 20 miles to Lodz
or a still more wild conclusion that they were quadruplets My experiences
as cited above make me wary of *any* analysis of the Lowicz data. As I
have learned here is *no* substitute for the detailed information found in
the documents themselves. I am in the process of ordering them.

Martin J. Kronman
Syracuse, NY
Researching: KRONMAN in Kolo, Konin,
Tuliskow, Warta, Slupca, Kalisz, Zdunska Wola
and Lodz, Poland ;Ukraine; Hungary; United States

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