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Am seeking information on the extended family of Sam LEWIS family of
Oil City, PA, Cincinatti, Ohio and later Berkeley, CA. Sam was a
wholesale grocer, married to the former Bertha BARNETT (born in Russia
March 04, 1878, died December 01, 1955 in Alameda, CA.)

Sam and Bertha were the parents of four sons: Dave, Nathan, or Nate
(May 27, 1899-November 06, 1987) who was married to a woman named
Eleanor, and twin sons, doctors Julius (September 12, 1912- October 23,
1974, who was nicknamed Jay and married to Emma Rose?) and Robert
(September 12, 1912-November 07, 1991), or Bob, who was married to the
former Sylvia RABINOWITZ.

I don't know where Dave was born, where or when he died. Dave's
brothers were all born in Pennsylvania and they all died in California.

Any information on the LEWIS, BARNETT, or RABINOWITZ families would
be appreciated.

Stacy Harris

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