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Alex Bender <alemik@...>

Hello Jewishgenners,

Firstly, thanks to those of you who responded to my inquiry
regarding the names of photographers on old photos; I am indeed
convinced that "Chonovitz" and "Xonoburr" are the same person,
but in different languages.

I've decided to post pictures of the two old family photographs in
my possession. I'm hoping that some learned people will able to
translate some words for me, and perhaps answer some questions
based on the photos themselves.

Here is the first photograph, front and back:

This picture is likely >from the 1880s. My great-grandfather, Jacob
BENDER, is the one of the younger men in the picture; I do not know
if that was his name in the old country. He was >from Vilna, as it
says on the front. The back contains what appears to be Russian,
and I'd appreciate a translation of the words. I scanned it large
because there is some smaller text at the very bottom.

Here is the second picture:

This pic is >from the 1870s or 1880s. My great-grandmother is one
of the younger girls. Her name in this country was Sarah LEVENSON
before marrying Jacob Bender, but I do not know if she was born
with that name. Again, I would greatly appreciate a translation of
what appears to be Polish on the back (the second link). As with the
other, it is scanned large because there is smaller text at the
bottom. I currently do not know my great-grandmother's country of
origin and i am hoping that the words on the back will reveal it.

Regarding both photos, I am curious whether or not the dress
reveals anything about the respective families. For instance, is it
possible to tell whether any of my ancestors were Hasids, or
whether or not they were wealthy? I don't have enough knowledge
of history and context to be able to make any inferences >from the

Thanks again to anybody who is able to help me out.

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