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Jenny Schwartzberg

Dear Genners,
I have found on Ellis Island a passenger manifest that I want to look
at, but there is no original manifest showing, only the text manifest is
available. When I went to Steve Morse's missing manifests website and
tried to view the microfilm, I went back and forth through it and did not
find the ship. I think only part of the microfilm is on view. Could
someone possibly look at the actual microfilm for me and copy it? This is
for a family reunion on August 17th, so there's some urgency.
The SS President Grant, April 21, 1910, >from Hamburg, p. 215, lines 17-19
Chane Katschkes age 25 >from Iwankow (Ivankov, Kiev gubernia), Russia
Feigo Katschkes age 4 >from Iwankow
Gittel Katschkes age 3 >from Iwankow
The missing manifest page says they are on microfilm T715 1457 frames
1-1259. I and the KATSCHKES (now KUCHECK) descendants would be most grateful!
Jenny Schwartzberg
Chicago, IL

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