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Steven Sherman <ShermanNOSPAM@...>

My grandmother's daughters all swear that their mother's name was Eta

However, on Ellis Island she is listed as Mariemlte Milgram. I am
certain she is one and the same person because she was coming to Atlanta,
Georgia to marry my grandfather and Atlanta is where it said she was coming
on the Ship Manifest. Does anybody have any knowledge about this strange
name change? Who should I trust, my aunts or Ellis Island.?

Thanks for your response.
Marilyn Feingold Atlanta, Georgia
My grandmother's first name as I knew it was Sheila. Her daughters (my mom
& aunt) told me that her real name was Sophie but that she changed it when
she came to America. On reviewing her US naturalization records, it clearly
shows that her real name was originally Getel, not Sophie.

Was this a surprise? Yes

Was it out of character for my grandmother to hid this information >from her
family? No, she did things like this all the time. She obviously didn't
like the name Getel and wanted to purge it >from her life. If it wasn't for
government records, she would have succeeded.

Now if only I could figure out the truth of when she was born.

Steve Sherman

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