JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: What is a "FARIBLE" (Yiddish?) #general

Bernard Lowe

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yigal@... wrote on 8/9/02 10:06 PM:
What is a "FARIBLE" or "FARIEVEL"? We think it's Yiddish but we are not
sure if the origin of the word are not Dutch or even Russian.
Yigal Rechtman

"Farible" is the Yiddish word meaning "to do someone wrong", or to "slight"
or "insult" a person, or conversely to feel slighted or wronged. It comes
from the German übel = bad, thus "verübeln" meaning "to take something
amiss". Verübel = farible.

Bernard Lowe
Merion, PA

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