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<< I would trust both the manifest and your Grandmother about the names of
gr grandmother.

Our ancestors often had many names! Among the various languages used in the
area they came from: Yiddish, Russian, Polish, Lithuanian, Belarussian,
whatever, they used different names. Sometimes the names were similar,
sometimes not. >>

==Very well said.

However, I must add some caution to the response
of Sally Bruckner. Transcriptions are generally
correct but depend on the clarity of the clerk's
handwriting and on the skill of the (volunteer)
transcriber. It is highly unlikely that anyon'e
grandmother or great grandmother was actually
name "M a r i e m l t e" in *any* language.
It is most likely a misreading.

The most likely form would have been Mariette or Marietta
-both of which would have given the name Etta as
used by the ancestor of the original quationner.

Michael Bernet, New York <>

WOLFF (Pfungstadt, Frankfurt/M, Koenigsberg, Amsterdam, N.Carolina); BERNET,
BERNERT, JONDORF(Frensdorf, Bamberg, Nurnberg); FEUCHTWANGER
(Schwabach, Hagenbach & Fuerth); KONIGSHOFER (anywhere); BERG, WOLF(F),
(Demmelsdorf & Zeckendorf); Shim`on GUTENSTEIN (Bad Homburg ca 1760);
FRENSDORF/ER (anywhere); MAINZER (Lorsch); anyone in Ermreuth or Floss;

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