JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Why the name change? #general

Leslie Weinberg <lbw@...>

My grandmother's first name as I knew it was Sheila. Her
daughters (my mom & aunt) told me that her real name was Sophie
but that she changed it when she came to America. On reviewing
her US naturalization records, it clearly shows that her real
name was originally Getel, not Sophie. .... She obviously didn't
like the name Getel and wanted to purge it >from her life. If it
wasn't for government records, she would have succeeded.

Steve Sherman
We only found out recently that my grandfather's name was not Max,
but Markus. We did find that on his naturalization papers the name
was listed Max (Markus). He decided he wanted his name to be more
"American" and would yell at anyone in the family who occasionally
used "Markus"!

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