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I have just learned that my great great great grandmother may have
been the great aunt of the German publicist and political writer
Maximilian HARDEN, born Isidor WITKOWSKI in Berlin in 1861. He
converted at age 16 and changed his name. Apparently, he had a
brother Georg WITKOWSKI.

I do not need references to articles on the internet or in Jewish
encyclopedias -- I have found those.

I am intererested in any information that anyone may have about the
family history of Maximilian HARDEN, particularly anything about his
father's WITKOWSKI family.

Although I have a painting of my great great great grandmother, I
do not know her first name. She was probably >from Silesia (but may
have been >from Posen Province), and was probably born about 1780.
Her maiden name was WITKOWSKI. She married Eloeser ZUELZ.

Thank you,
Stephen T. Falk
Wayne, PA, USA

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