JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Re: 1880 Canada To North Dakota: Hope floats! #general

Paul Silverstone

My great-grandfather with his son and daughter arrived in Winnipeg
in 1882 >from Europe. They landed at Quebec, traveled through Montreal
and Toronto. They sailed >from Sarnia to Duluth where there was a
train to Winnipeg. This was before the trans-Canadian RR reached
Winnipeg. They were with a group of 350 Jews who arrived on June 6,
1882. I believe no one checked on crossing the border to or >from
Canada >from Dakota at that time and not until after 1900.

Paul Silverstone, New York

Do you know of where I might find a listing of ships carrying
passengers >from through Canada to a North Dakota port in 1880 or
You could take a boat up the Red River >from Winnipeg, but how would
you get to Winnipeg? The most likely way for an immigrant to get
to North Dakota through Canada around 1880 might be to take a ship
through the Great Lakes >from southern Ontario to Duluth, and then a
train to North Dakota. Or possibly he originally settled in Western
Canada and later moved to North Dakota.

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