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Nancy Hauser <nhauser@...>

I just spent a couple of hours, poring over the ships manifest
for the Carmania which came into NY on April 4th, 1906. All 70
pages of it!

My husband's grandmother's (and great-aunt's) application for
citizenship say that they came >from Vilna, Russia out of Antwerp,
Belgium on the ship Carmania, landed in NY April XX, 1906.
Although the Carmania only sailed >from Liverpool, the Cunard web
site mentioned a train >from Antwerp in 1906 - that might explain
that discrepancy.

There are several entries that read ....,.... where I assume
the passenger's name was unreadable, some of which were Hebrew
and Russian, although none say Vilna or Wilna (there are some
people aboard whose town is Wilna). I don't see a woman, about
30, named Katie, traveling with three girls under 10 years old -
Mamie, Lillian, and Rebecca. I was expecting a slightly different
surname >from Fierman - possibly Fireman, but nothing is close.

I need advice! I would very much like to track these people
down, for my mother-in-law, for my husband, and for my daughters.


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