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Hello friends-

My grandmother's family emigrated >from Canada to the US between 1927 and
1929. First my ggrandfather (Abram BROITMAN) in Nov 1927, then my
ggrandmother with two children in Dec 1927, then my grandaunt, and finally
my granduncle in 1929. Interested in finding their records in the St.
Alban's list records, I requested and received the proper roll for their
soundex (B635) within the series that should have contained the dates of
their passage (i.e., the 1924-1951 index). To my disappointment, I could
not find any record of them there.

I have their Russian passports, and they state pretty clearly that the
name was "BROITMAN." Even better, I have the Certificate of Arrival
(which came with their naturalization papers) for most of the family,
which lists both the port of entry (Niagara Falls and Buffolo, NY) and the
dates of their arrival. The date on the Certificate of Arrival matches
the date written on one of the passports, further bolstering my opinion
that the dates on the Certificate were valid.

So, I have two questions >from the more experienced members of the
JewishGen community:

1) Has anyone else had trouble with the St. Alban's soundex index? Is it
complete? It seems odd to me that all of my family's records would be
missing, since they did not pass through the border on the same day.
2) Is the information that I have sufficient to look up their records by
date, or is their something that I would need to find in the soundex? I
have their names, the date of their crossings, the method of travel, and
the border location.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance-

Shawn Weil
Hilliard, OH

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