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Dear Genners,

I have three obscure questions regarding addresses.

My father had an aunt and uncle living at 79 Nalewki Gass, in the Jewish
Quarter of Warsaw, Pland, before 1923. He told me that these relatives
were very poor until they won a lottery which gave them enough money to
begin a paper blotter business. Unfortunately, I do not know their names.
Is it possible to find out who lived at the property before 1923?

My second address related question is regarding my Grandfather's brother,
Mendel WULC. According to the immigration/passenger records, my
Grandfather, Szhmul Shimon Wulc lised a brother--who I didn't know existed
until I found this document-- as his closest living relative in Poland.
Mendel WULC was living at 44 Sloska Street, Warsaw in 1923 at the time of
my Grandfather's immigration to Canada. How can I find out more about the
people at that address.....children, wife etc?

Question Three:
My paternal grandparents came >from Kielce. They gave their home address,
in 1923, as Bodientynska, 8. Is there any way to get information on that
address? Did they own or rent? Who lived in that house? What was it like?

I would really appreciate any help or advice. Thank you in advance.
Hyla Wults Fox, Toronto.
Searching for:
WULC, WULTS, WULTZ, WUELTC, WULS, who originated in Poland (Checiny/

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