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Thanks to Valerie Fox, I have in hand a copy of the 1904 passenger
passenger list citing my grandfather's ocean crossing, together with his
mother and one sister and brother.

The sailing was >from "Liverpool and Moville" to "Montreal and Quebec" and
their ultimate destination was Pittsburg (sic) PA, where the rest of the
family had gone previously.

For now I am ignoring the question of which ports of departure and arrival
were relevant for my family.

Above a group of passengers which includes my family is the
label "Steerage USA." The column "Number of Railway Order" is empty for
my family, but is filled in for some of the other passengers in their
I am trying to understand if that tells me anything about how they
proceeded to Pittsburgh.

They do not appear in lists of crossings at St Albans, nor are they to be
found entering the US at Ellis Island or Baltimore. Could they have
crossed over in Buffalo or Erie? How do I proceed >from here?

This partucular quest is not critical because I don't expect it will tell
me any more than the details of the journey itself, but since we have
gotten this far, I'd like to see if we can complete the picture.

Israel Pickholtz

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