JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Where would I find naturalization and citizenship applications? #general

Yeruchem & Fraida Cohen

I have in my possession the Certificate of Naturalization for my husband's
grandfather and the Certificate of Citizenship for my husband's grandmother.
They resided in Plattsburgh, NY. Does anyone know where I would go or write
(i.e. NY State archives or NARA archives) to obtain further information from
their original applications that might give me more info on their lives than
what is on the actual certificates? I am particularly interested in knowing
what city they came from.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Fraida Cohen

Researching: TAUBER - "Harasz", Austria> NY; MARKS - Pultusk, Poland> NY
POMERANTZ - Warsaw, Tarnow>NY, MA; HODES - Minsk(?)/Odessa(?)>NY
COHEN - Minsk(?)/Kiyev(?)>NY; SCHALL - Austria>NY

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