JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Searching: Labour camp "Wendefurt" in Germany/Austria #general

Robert Fraser <rgfraser@...>

I'm most grateful to all those people who responded to my query, both
privately and publicly. Unfortunately, the answers raise more questions!
It seems that the Wenderfurth camp - if it was indeed a camp - was part
of, or adjacent to, a nazi police school in the Harz mountain range,
between Kassel, Hanover and Magdeburg in Germany. It's close to a place
called Wernigerode in the land (province) of Sachsen-Anhalt.

Clearly, one couldn't travel there and back >from Vienna each day.

So was it a labour camp? Was it a slave labour setup to construct the
school? Or was it associated with dam construction works that went on
there for several years? I'll probably never know.

Today, it's a tourist area in a national park, with rock climbing and
lakes. And it's an area that has ancient associations with Walpurgisnacht
and witches. How appropriate a location for a nazi camp!

Shana Tova

- Robert Fraser

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