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<< Those who planned to come to Jerusalem to do research at the Central
Archives for the History of the Jewish People, should note that prior to
re-location, the Archives will be closed >from 25th August to 31st October,
2002. The Archives' new address for the opening on 1st November is 46
Jabotinsky Street, Jerusalem. Harold Lewin in Jerusalem. >>

==Thanks for letting us know. I hope this is "good news." I know the
Archives have been working under great stress with limited busget and
limited facilities. Probably anything that will help them move out of that
cramped basement space will be welcomed by all--the administration and
staff of the Archives above all.

I hope the new location will offer the opportunity to store the rare
archival material and that the new facilities--archive retrieval, copies,
microfilm readers etc--will measure up to the hopes that the Archives have
been expressing all these years.

Is this a new building or will the archives share space with another
organization? How far is this >from King George Street? We'll miss the
proximity of the library and other collections, of course (not to mention
the student cafeteria), but I'm sure the new location will offer many
advantages for all.

In any event, Behatzlacha to the Archives on their move, and may it be a
blessing for everyone.

Michael Bernet, New York <>

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