JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Need confirmation Moses HAENDEL is my father in "Juden in Wien" Aufbau May 1946. #general

Evelyne Haendel <haendelevelyne@...>

I badly need help.
I am new and trying to find my way. 2 days ago (yesterday I sent
a messsage in HTML which was returned) I had the shock of my life
because I found my father's name (HAENDEL Moses) in a german language
list of survivors of the holocaust!!!!JewishGen- Published Lists of
Survivors, in German-Language newspaper Aufbau, Sept. 1944-Sept1946.
So far I believed and still do that he died in Auschwitz between 42
and 45 and here I read that he survived and came back to Vienna.
I can't believe it. Anyhow I badly need to verfy this information
hown in Jewishgen Databases >from Aufbau. For some listed names there
is a possibility to go to view the Aufbau page; Unfornately not for
the "Juden in Wien. I have tried USHMM and also the Aufbau sites but
can't reach the right place. I have no knowlege of German and my
English vocabulary is limited. I live in Belgium.

Can someone help me? it really is difficult to live with such an

Thank you.
Evelyne Haendel
haendelevelyne@hotmail. com

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