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Dear Genners,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your interest in my quest
for my father's sister. Special thanks to Ida Selavan Schwartz,
Cathy Flamholtz, and Dena Abrams, without whom I could not have
found the following information.

My grandfather was Henoch Abelowitz. I have not yet been able
to ascertain when he came to the US, but I have just verified his
wife's (my grandmother) arrival at Ellis Island with their first
child, Rachel. Rachel died "in hospital" and just today I found
the information about where she is buried.

Feige Leah Abelowitz (listed on the manifest as "Fedge") and her
daughter Rachel (mistakenly listed on the manifest as 36 years old
instead of 3 years 6 months) arrived on the Kroonland >from Antwerp
on April 12, 1906. Rachel died, probably on April 28, as that was
the day that Feige was released >from EI, after consuming 16 days
worth of meals.

Rachel was buried on May 3, 1906 by the Hebrew Free Burial Society
at the Silver Lake Cemetery, which I understand is now part of,
or administered by, the Mt Richmond Cemetery. I have the Section #,
Row # and Grave #. I do not yet know if there is a stone or marker.
I hope to visit the cemetery within the next month or two. I also
plan on getting a death certificate, which should give me more

Feige Leah came >from Kartuz-Bereza, and I believe that my grandfather
Henoch Abelowitz (known in this country as Harry Rabinowitz) came
from either Smolensk or Ekaterinslav, but all my info about him is
at home, and I'm away right now. His address was given on Feige's
manifest as 241 Division St in NYC. The page number of the manifest
is p. 534, and the page which gives the hospital/detention info is
p. 547.

I'm planning to check into my grandfather's death certificate (which
I don't yet have), and his naturalization papers, in hopes of finding
out more about his origins and when he came to this country.

This is truly a wonderful group, and I'm glad to be a part of it.

I will be making a contribution in JewishGen as a thank you for the
help I have received here. Shanah Tovah to all.

apex, nc

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