JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Where is Riverside Cemetery/NYC? #general

Stephen A. Cohen

Riverside Memorial Chapel, 180 West 76th St at the corner of 76th and
Amsterdam Avenue in Manhattan is one of the oldest and most respected
memorial chapels in the tri-state area.

It services funerals on Long Island, central and northern New Jersey and
Westchester County. Whether it accepts funerals at greater distances I
cannot say >from my personal experience.

Within the five boroughs (counties) of New York City, there is no
Riverside Cemetery. As Ms. Futoran mentioned there is one in Bergen County
in New Jersey.

Instead of writing to the membership to answer questions like this one or
as the expression goes "try to remake the wheel" our membership should
learn to use the tools that are available.

The greatest value of association with Jerwishgen, its SIGs and study
groups is the phenomenal number of sources we have to answer questions
like this, right within the Jewishgen web pages.

When questions arise, consult FAQ (frequently asked questions), the
discussion group & SIG archives before writing to the membership. Many
answers are already there.

In this instance a Directory of Metropolitan New York Area Jewish
Cemeteries can be found at:

This lists cemeteries within about fifty miles of New York City. Through
Jewishgen you can get lists of cemeteries all over the US and worldwide.

Jewishgen gives us hundreds of powerful tools and sources of research.
Whether a member is a novice or has been in genealogy for many years, they
should go back to the basics at least once a year. New tools and sources
are constantly being added to Jewishgen.

The more efficient and organized each of us can become, the greater will
be the results of our research.

L'Shana Tova


PS: I am researching the following families:

LEFEBRE:Rhineland Palat//Belarus:BASIST - Lida Dist; SHINHAUS, SHEINHOUS,
SHEINHAUS,SHEINGAUS in Radoshkovichi, Molodechno
in the Vilieka Dist// Galicia:BIRNBAUM,GOLDBERG,LEINKRAM in Krakow;

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