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Dear Ruth:

There is a Dragonowka in eastern Galicia very near Tarnopol. This area was
part of the Austrian Empire before WWI, part of Poland between the Wars,
and part of the Soviet Union after WWII. It is now in Ukraine at
coordinates 4931 2530 about 4.5 miles WSW of Tarnopol.

Dragonowka's vital events were registered in nearby Tarnopol. The Jewish
Records Indexing - Poland AGAD Archives Project is in the process of
indexing all the vital records for 86 administrative towns in the eastern
part of the former province of Galicia. Tarnopol was the first town
indexed and all its records >from about 1870 to 1899 have been indexed.
These indices are searchable at the JRI-Poland website Just click on *Search Database*
and fill in the form. Once you find an index entry of interest, you can
order that record >from the AGAD Archives through the JRI-Poland order
process. Costs for AGAD records are $11 each.

Mark Halpern
AGAD Archive Coordinator

----- Original Message -----
My grandmother was born in Draganowka in the 1880s. Does
anyone know of this place and how I can get a copy of my grandmother's
birth certificate?
Ruth Levit

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