JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Any other index for Boston arrivals besides NARA microfilm? #general

Doug Cohen

there are some cards at the Mass state archives -- but I don't think
they're available on line. these are the ones >from which the NARA
microfilms were made. if you go to the archives and request names and
years, they'll look them up and give you anything resembling what you're
looking for. i don't know what they'll do if you call them. It's the
Mass. State Archives next door to the JFK Library in Boston.

Doug Cohen
Lexington, MA

"Fran Segall" <> wrote in message
Dear Genners,

Does anyone know of any source of index records (by name/soundex) to
early 1900 Boston arrivals other than the NARA microfilm index? I have
tried to use the NARA index, but those particular microfilmed cards are
practically illegible - at least to me! Even with a magnifying reader and
a magnifying glass, they're microscopic - and much of the print is too
faint to make out anyway!

I have too wide a range of years to start looking through the individual
manifests for the name KLETZEL. Any suggestions would be greatly

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