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Anita Citron <anitac47@...>

One of the nicest things any of us could do besides making 'a' donation to
JewishGen is to set up a monthly donation, charged directly to a credit
card. Making 'a' donation might put out a small part of the fire but
JewishGen needs the money on a continuing basis. Most of us don't just go
*one* time to the website, or refer to the faqs *one* time.

I have been doing research for 5 years--perhaps not as long as some of
you, perhaps much longer. I have continually used JewishGen as a resource.
The connections I have made and the help I have received through JewishGen
have proven beyond invaluable.

$18 a month is superb. But JewishGen won't turn down $10 or $5--and $5 is
only $60 a year, tax-deductible. Quite a good way to start a New Year, no?

Anita Citron
Hicksville, NY

Ladyzhin/Odessa),ODESSKY(Lipovets/Odessa), NEPOMNYATSHY(Voznesensk/Odessa)
TRACHTENBERG(Gritsev/Starykonstantinov/Odessa/Vienna/Belgium), FURMAN
(Pyatkovko/Odessa), FINGERHUT/FINGERET (Ananyev/Voznesensk/Odessa),

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