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I have pictures of family members at the turn of the 20th century (some
>> end of 19th century). I know that it is possible to categorize a
>> tradiional jew by his clothing: Is he a Chassid or a Mitnaged and if a
>> Chassid, what group he belonged to. Is there a reference book that can
>> help me determine where I should categorize my ancestor?
>> Can I deduce more facts >from just a picture? >>

==It depends in part of the extent they are *in uniform,* though perhaps
more so than in the past. Today, shtreimels (furred bonnets worn on
Shabbat and festive occasions, come in many shapes and varieties, as do
the black hats. Some wear long black kapotes, others wear striped ones or
colored. Some wear lace-up shoes, others don't, pantlegs may be stuffed
into the socks, some wear white socks . . . and it's mostly a matter of
what the *rebbe* wore and when.

I remember as a child playing with my father's collection of cigarette
cards showing the various uniforms of the regiments in the Kaiser's army.
I wonder whether anyone has published an album or a set of cards showing
the *uniforms*--festive and quotidian--of the various chasidic sects.

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