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My greatgreatgrandmother, Gittle ABRAMOWITZ,left Novaradok as a widow at
the end of the 19th cent. and came to the USA via some time in Liverpool
where she remarried (name of husband unknown). To the best of my knowledge
she settled in Hartford,Ct (or possibly New Haven) According to family
sources there was a family connection, which hasn't been clarified yet,
with Rabbi HUREWITZ in Hartford.

Gittle left Novarodok with four children, three boys-Meir, Kalman and the
third not known- and a daughter Sarah.

Meir, my greatgrandfather was sent to Eretx Yisrael as a child with his
brother Kalman. Kalman returned to the states as a youth and Meir stayed
to raise a family in Israel. Sarah had lived in New York. The fourth
sibling, name unknown, was said to have seek his fortune in Boston and
supposedly found work in a department store and may have even married into
the family of the owners.

My mother, Adina KATZOFF (nee ABRAMOWITZ), had contact with some offspring
of Sarah during the early 30's (through a grandson Tom whose parents had
divorced, he lived with his father in Boston) but since then, I beleive she
has not had any contact with Sarah's family. With Kalman's descendants
there was a bit more connection over the years, in Israel and the USA. But
nothing is known about the unknown named brother who went to Boston.

If this story sounds familiar to anyone we (my mother and I and our family)
would like to hear

A happy new year to one and all

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem/Efrat

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