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Joan Parker <housemom@...>

Dear Genners:

I know what nochus means in Yiddish, but recently I found information
about my Uncle Irving whose name on the 1910 NY census was Isadore, later
to be come Irving. but on the arrival in 1905 manifest it is Nocher. Is
there an *English* equivalent to Nocher? My Dad was listed as Iszchok
which probably is Itsaak and was Ike on the 1910 census. He ultimately
became Ernest.

Thanks for any help or information.

Joan Parker
Miami, FL
Searching: GOLDBERG and GOODSTEIN-Plock, Poland/Russia and Brooklyn, NY; PINKUS and
WINOGRAD-Odessa, Ukraine and Brooklyn, NY; GELFAND-Minsk and Bronx, NY; YEHUDIS;
KATZ, Bronx, NY

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