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Nachum Tuchman <nachum@...>

To all Busko-Zdroj researchers,

The records for Busko-Zdroj, formerly Kielce Gubernia, have been
translated, and put into an excel spreadsheet.

The birth and death records are for the years 1886-1900, excluding 1889
and 1891. The marriage records are for the years 1886, 1893-1900.

Please contact me for information on how you can receive the excel

For more information, see the website for the Pinczow project at .

You will also find information for neighboring towns that are also part of
the Pinczow project.

Nachum Tuchman
Tekoa, Israel
Busko-Zdroj town leader


TUCHMAN/KLARMAN/ASPIS? >from Busko-Zdroj, Poland (Kielce Gubernia) to US-
LIEBERMAN/ZYSSMAN >from Lowicz, Poland to US
RAIDER/all spellings/GINSBERG->from Smorgon/Soly,Belarus(VilnaGubernia)toUS
SHUB/BERNSTEIN/ROSINSKY/BAYLETT >from Lituania?/Estonia? to London -
Samter/Wronki,Posen/Koenigsberg?/Berlin, Germany

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