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Dream Builder <dreambuilder@...>

I am working on transcribing the partial HIAS records I have photographed
from the LDS records.
The only records I have involving Boston are:

ZIM, Isaac male 22 >from Russia Ship Westernland 19 AUG 1907 to Boston, MA
ZALUTSKY, Shoshe female 28 >from Russia Ship Haverford 05 NOV 1907 to
Boston, MA
ZAG?D, Galki female 19 >from ? Ship Haverford 17 FEB 1908 to Boston, MA

It's fairly easy to obtain LDS records if you are near a FHC. I had to send
twice to obtain the one I was looking for, though, because the number was
incorrect. It took an extra week, but they only charged me once. The staff
at the FHC was very helpful.

Vicki Ina Friedman
Waleska, GA, USA

---Original Message---
The LDS has films for HIAS. I know that they have them for NY and
Philadelphia, there may be some for Boston as well. You can check online

Hope that this helps.

Linda Altman - Raleigh, NC

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