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Apparently, New York City truck drivers were dangerous -

My paternal great-grandmother Sarah THURLIN / TURCHIN (FRIEDMAN) was killed
about 1925 when she was hit by truck that left the road. She was on the
sidewalk on a Friday afternoon giving challahs to the poor when she was
struck and killed. Or so the story goes . . .

Vicki Ina Friedman
Waleska, GA, USA

Shawn Weil wrote:

My GGreatgrandmother had 9 children, 8 of which survived to adulthood.
Family lore says that the child who passed away before his time was run
over in the streets of the Lower East Side by a beer wagon, while my
grandfather was supposed to be supervising. However, my grandfather was
the youngest of the 8 siblings that survived, and he wouldn't have been
older than 3 years old himself. I doubt the family story, and would like
corroboration in documentation.

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