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Joan Parker <housemom@...>

Dear Genners;

I have personally thanked all who took the time to reply about Nocher.
Everyone who has written has said the same thing basically: Nochem, which
make sense. I went back and looked and the last letter is definitely an
R, but possibly the writer misunderstood the name. So I am going to
make a correction in my Family Tree Maker notes.

This is such a wonderful, caring group of people!

I know what nochus means in Yiddish, but recently I found information
> about my Uncle Irving whose name on the 1910 NY census was Isadore,
> later to be come Irving. but on the arrival in 1905 manifest it is
> Nocher. Is there an *English* equivalent to Nocher? My Dad was
> listed as Iszchok which probably is Itsaak and was Ike on the 1910
> census. He ultimately became Ernest.
Joan Parker
Miami, FL
Searching: GOLDBERG and GOODSTEIN-Plock, Poland/Russia and Brooklyn, NY;
PINKUS and WINOGRAD-Odessa, Ukraine and Brooklyn, NY; GELFAND-Minsk and
Bronx, NY; YEHUDIS; KATZ, Bronx, NY

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