Menachem as Susman #germany


Hello all,

I was wondering if you could tell me if the name Menachem is the same as
Susman? I just looked at the Burghaun burial listing and found the very
last name was Elieser the son of Menachem ha-Kohen (Susman KATZ). Elieser was
buried in 1833. He was >from Erdmannrode and might fit into my family if I
can make sense of the given names.

I was told that Susman could also be the same as "Bonem" but I never heard
that the Hebrew name Menachem was also used for Susman. What do you think?

Regards, Rishy Savin, Miami, Florida LJTRS@...

Researching KATZ and KATZENSTEIN in Erdmannrode and Wehrda, as well as
Hartford, CT

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